i need to punch a wall and maybe grab some wawa

There was this super cute girl wearing a batman shirt studying while we were talking about how poorly our exam went. She was really cool.

So I got Dark Souls this weekend and it’s really difficult but really rad at the same time. I kind of suck at it but I’m learning.

Also I got to see all of my Port Orange friends and family this weekend except Tom unfortunately. I went to this breakfast cafe on breakfast with my mom and all my sisters and their families. We went to the park after we ate and had a nice Easter egg hunt around the lake and nature trail. Then I looked at some houses with my mom since she is moving soon. Once I got home, my dad cooked us some Easter steaks and asparagus, which all was incredible.

Now I’m feeling tired and a little anxious about finals but not too bad. This will be my last hard finals week ever so that’s nice.

Good night lovelies!


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

I sometimes want to post really personal posts about my life. Then I remember who follows me and bottle it all up.

Just finished a 4 page history paper in less than 3 hours. Today sucks already.

Later I get to take a final online so that’s fun.

I think Andy likes fireworks a little bit

Party at the Millers’

I updated my bio to be more accurate.